Do you ever sit on public transport, twiddling your thumbs, wishing that you had something to occupy yourself with? A UK mobile casino could be just what you need. An iPhone casino or Android casino is especially designed for gamblers who want to play a quick game of roulette or a few rounds of poker when they are on the go.

The basic elements of a good UK mobile casino

A good quality mobile casino will have been designed in such a way as to optimise the way that it is displayed on the smaller screen of a mobile phone. An iPhone or iPad casino will be optimised for a hand held touch screen device. Games can be played with a few taps of your fingers, and graphics will be displayed using special scripts that ensure that they look perfect on a small screen. In addition, good mobile casinos in the UK offer the same fantastic range of games that you would expect from the desktop version of the site.

What to look out for: mobile casino bonus codes

In order to attract gamblers to their fresh and new mobile sites, many online casinos in the UK are offering bonus codes that can only be used on their mobile sites. Keep your eyes peeled for these mobile bonuses, and do the smart thing: sign up to both the mobile and the desktop versions of the site so that you can snap up both types of bonus.

Get the app

Most UK casinos that offer mobile versions of their websites have also developed apps. These apps are perfect for accessing games extremely quickly and for instantly seeing any notifications or updates that you may have. One thing to be aware of with these apps is that they may not provide you with the full range of services that are provided by the mobile and desktop versions of the casino. For instance, many players find that they cannot make deposits or withdrawals with their casino apps: they can only check their balance. This is definitely something that you ought to investigate before downloading an app, otherwise you may find that it just clutters up your phone without being of much use.


Finally, make sure that the app that you are downloading or the mobile casino that you are accessing is compatible with your phone’s operating system. Attempting to access an Android casino on an iPad may meet with some success, but you may not be able to enjoy all of the features to their full.

Go mobile

There is no denying that the ability to access the mobile version of your favourite casino is a fantastic option. It means that you can check up on your balance or have a few spins of the roulette wheel when you are at a loose end. No need to open your laptop on a crowded train: just reach for your mobile phone instead.

Learn when to shut off

One final tip: having access to online casino facilities on multiple devices can be fun and useful, but it can also make it difficult to shut your mind off from all of your favourite games. If you are finding the temptation too difficult to resist, you can try leaving your mobile in a different room when you are sleeping or spending time with your family, or limiting yourself to playing on the mobile casino site for just an hour a week. If you have any worries about your gambling habits, or if you are worried that you are becoming addicted to gambling, it is crucial to talk to a trusted, friend, partner or gambling helpline sooner rather than later.