If you are a fan of casino slots and you have never tried your hands on it, then it’s important not to be guided by the myths and misconceptions relating to how slots work. Here are some of the features you should look out for the next time you choose to play casino slots.

Random number generator

Every slot game comes with a computer component referred to as the random number generator whose primary function is to create a random sequence in a span of milliseconds. The random generator will always produce a different sequence of numbers each time you spin. It is applied to all casinos and used to determine the outcome of different slots offered. Results from these slots are usually dependent on the various algorithms and the RNG software.

How the random number generator works

It’s important to know that slots games are not attached to any memory. In this regard, neither the slot game nor the number generator will have an idea of whether you have lost big or won big. Your fate is usually determined by a mathematical equation and the time when you initiate a play sequence. Also, the results of your online slots are typically pre-programmed to come up with precise results and the online slots rtp is usually around 90%. Once a spin is started in the online game, the random number generator will begin turning at a rate of hundreds per second.

That split second at the click of the mouse will determine the kind of symbol your reel lands on, and this will be the outcome of your slots. That point when you hit the start button on the slot game, three numbers will be recorded from the random number generator. The first number equates to the first reel position, the second equates to the second reel position, and the same goes for the third, fourth and fifth slot game variations.

Video slot functionality

The video slot often comes with fifty or more individual play lines. When you press the play button, five numbers will be drawn from every reel, and the reel numbers will stop depending on the numbers assigned by the random number generator. The system will then compute the math behind your loss or win once the reel comes to a halt. Here prizes are automatically added to your balance. In the case of an initiated bonus round or an awarded free spin, the reel should spin continuously through the exact random number generator process.

Benefits of the random number generator

If you had any red flags on the functionality of the random number generator, then it’s important to note that the software is tested vigorously before use, and this makes the outcome both safe and unbiased. The best online slots gambling sites do have RGNs that are certified by the technical systems testing. Although there have been massive changes to the modern online slots as a result of the complexity of gaming technology, the aspects governing random number generator remains the same.

The different types of slot games

Slot enthusiasts should stay updated on the different slots game, and for those who are getting into the gambling world some of the slot games available include; 3-reel slots, progressive jackpot slots, bonus slots and video slots. Most of these games come with exciting features such as the wild multiplier, lucrative bonus round, free spins and sliding symbols.

The 3-reel slot games

Also known as the single line slot machine, the three reel slot games is the simplest of all casino slot games. It’s one of the best games especially for newbie’s at the casino, but you need to quickly get conversant with the basic rules if you are looking to win big. In most instances, this game will take the maximum wager of three coins in one spin with the results being very rewarding.

Multiple reel slots or video slot games

The other notable slot game is the video slot games that comes with five reels, and that’s what gives this online casino game the name the 5-reel slots. It features fancy and sophisticated images that are meant to enhance the beauty of the casino games. Compared to the 3-reel slots, the video slots come with different symbols which have more than one pay line. What’s even great, the video slots operate with an RNG and can offer up to 100 pay lines for you to bet. The multiple reel slots also have different advantages compared to the 3 –reel slots such as an unlimited amount of betting options, multipliers, free spins and a wide range of bonus rounds.