Are you an avid online gambler with a smart mindset and an eye for opportunity? Then you probably know about the latest casino bonuses available! You also know that it’s often possible to gamble without spending money, although the best promotions will be available to those who actually invest their money: sometimes one can get as much as 100% bonus with a deposit. It certainly pays off to keep the most enticing offers within your radar, at any given time.

In the same line of reasoning, you have probably realized by now how it can be time-consuming to keep up with all the opportunities across the dozens of online casinos available on-line. That’s where casino bonus review websites will be really useful since you can save a lot of effort by using such a website rather than doing your own research. This is especially true if you want to stick to the best offers and bonuses, which usually rotate between casinos… so rather than keeping up with multiple casino websites, you can just check your trusted review website to stay in the loop.

For anyone who’s not familiar with casino review websites, this article will provide a valuable overview. Even for readers who are well versed in the subject matter, there will be some useful tips here, so make sure to read through!

How to locate a useful casino bonus review

You can easily find “casino review websites” by doing a simple Google search for that phrase, but it’s not always obvious which websites are genuine and which are just marketing ploys. The next section will focus on teaching you how to evaluate any casino review to determine whether it’s the real deal or a mere advertorial.

To begin with, you should just get in the habit of looking up these types of websites before you commit your money to any casino website. A great casino review will give you a quick overview of the best available offers at any given time across all the big casinos, and it will be up to date and relevant. The information should be presented clearly and succinctly, and you should never, ever be required to pay for this information. Any website that promises to “reveal the best bonuses” in exchange for a down payment is likely a scam, and you should stay away from it.

Stick to the best reviewed casino bonuses

For anyone familiar with casino reviews, it’s possible to determine the best reviewed casino bonuses easily, by observing some specific details. For example, a good casino review website will focus on a wide range of websites. It will be regularly updated with the latest information, and there will be few to no ads that aren’t directly related to online gambling. So next time you visit a new casino review, watch out for those elements.

Additionally, you should notice to the quality of the reviews and available bonuses. The best review websites you’ll come across will reveal the information you need at a glance, and those are the ones you should focus on and even add to your favorites for future reference.

Not all online casinos are the same!

If you think all online casinos are the same thing, you’re wrong. At the surface it may appear so, but every casino will have particular regulations as well as bonuses. Even when it comes to promotions, there will be different categories to choose from – and that’s where you should pay attention to the fine print and learn the jargon. Here are the most typical bonus categories and what they mean:

  • Cashable bonuses – these bonuses can be withdrawn as part of your cash prize, but only once you fulfill the requirements mentioned when the bonus is offered. You need to play close attention to the terms and conditions mentioned at the time to understand what you have to do before cashing out your winnings; otherwise, you bonus credit could get voided.
  • Sticky bonuses (type I) – this type of bonus can be used to play, but you won’t be allowed to withdraw its amount. The act of making a withdrawal will actually clear any available type 1 sticky bonuses, so make sure you do so at the right time!
  • Sticky bonuses (type II) – this type of bonus won’t be void when you withdraw money from your account… but much like type I, it can only be used to gamble. For example, if you have a £50 bonus and keep playing until you eventually have £200, then make a withdrawal, the amount you’ll get will be £150.

Keep this simple advice in mind and you’ll get the most enjoyment from your gambling sessions while keeping disappointment to a minimum! Review websites can be your best allies to stay up to date with the latest promotions available across online casinos, so make sure to check what’s happening before you make a deposit.